Thursday, January 12, 2017

Maternity Leave

Hello:)  I keep getting questions as to my work plan once the baby arrives.  It is any day now, so check back periodically to see what is going on.

1st, once the baby arrives I will probably take about 2 weeks from phone and email.  I will check periodically though and respond when I can. 

2nd, for the remaining 6 weeks I will be going into the office about 1x/week to ship out product orders.  So if you want to place a product order, please give me at least a weeks notice so that I, or one of my temp helps, can the order filled and also make sure it's in stock.

I will start seeing clients again after about 8 weeks.  So feel free to contact me to schedule starting mid to late March.

Hope everyone has a great winter!

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