Saturday, September 16, 2017

Keira Keeps getting bigger:)

Tripping Over the Truth Cancer Conference

This event was triggered from my Brother's battle with Brain Cancer.  As a result we have gathered 40 speaker from around the world.  Oncologists, Scientists, Researchers, Doctors and Nutritionists, all speaking on treating cancer with minimal negative effects on the patient, with great results.  This is information that the general public and most health professionals are not aware of.    Some of this information and these treatments have been around for decades with scientific evidence and years of research to back the amazing results.  Why is it not know today...there was not enough financial gain to keep it in practice. But these treatments are making a comeback as the current conventional model is failing people over and over again, and more often than not.  Please don't miss this amazing event that may never happen again, or we may end up doing it semi-annually.  It will all depend on the general publics demand to know that they have a say in how their cancer and health is treated.